Monday, October 6, 2008

A park sketch..

I drew my first turban wearer the other day, it was pretty cool. He was a very friendly fellow. He told me his name, twice, but I couldn't even pronounce it, so I'm not gonna try to spell it. On my way out of the park I stopped by the Skytower stand and showed Andy my picture. Brian was drawing this guy and overheard me as I said, "Yeah, it was fun. I never drew anyone with a turban on before." His reply? "I shot a guy with a turban before."
What a guy. I'm glad I got to draw turban guy rather than that dude...

Turbans are fun. I think they're becoming less and less common, but what do I know? Maybe it's because crazy people say they shoot 'em. In any case, I think I'm going to do my part in bringing the turban back. Check this site out here for how to tie a turban. You can get pretty creative with them. Seriously, check this guy out:

That is a turban.