Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Fibonacci sequence

ideas/brainstorming on possible series about The Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, patterns and math in nature.. doodley doodles...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

life and bull crap.. blah blah

Once a short time ago, I had a dream. A dream of arting, designing, and whatnot. Think tanking.. Ahh.. school. My first attempt at art school was a horrible experience (what's up with that?), but I took this Intro to Industrial Design class there, and fell in love. So I focused on that positive aspect of finding out what I wanted to do with my life, then decided to go to school for that. Moving around to various states and different schools, taking community class, finally, 6 years later I was accepted and had the financial means to go somewhere with an ID program . Two semesters later? Complete fucking meltdown. Just like the first year at UArts.
It's disheartening. At this point I feel that I have discovered my limitations. Although, how I could define them is still unclear. Is it that I can not handle the pressure? Is it that I am not driven enough? Is it that I am just not a good artist/designer?? I feel like I have to come to terms with the fact that I am quite simply, not strong enough.
I've been giving it quite a bit of thought lately as to what I will do. I handle all my academic classes well. So, I guess I should probably pick something that does not demand my artistic/creative capacities. Although I have a general passion for learning, I don't know if I really have a focus. However, I think there is a common thread in all the subjects I am interested in.. Critically thinking and problem solving. This leads me to Physics.
Physics major? Perhaps.
Mental health affecting what you thought was your life plan? Stupid.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A park sketch..

I drew my first turban wearer the other day, it was pretty cool. He was a very friendly fellow. He told me his name, twice, but I couldn't even pronounce it, so I'm not gonna try to spell it. On my way out of the park I stopped by the Skytower stand and showed Andy my picture. Brian was drawing this guy and overheard me as I said, "Yeah, it was fun. I never drew anyone with a turban on before." His reply? "I shot a guy with a turban before."
What a guy. I'm glad I got to draw turban guy rather than that dude...

Turbans are fun. I think they're becoming less and less common, but what do I know? Maybe it's because crazy people say they shoot 'em. In any case, I think I'm going to do my part in bringing the turban back. Check this site out here for how to tie a turban. You can get pretty creative with them. Seriously, check this guy out:

That is a turban.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Nike, give me strength.."

Nike is known as the goddess of victory in Greek Mythology. In the Titan War between the gods she was the divine charioteer. This little sketch here I did is after the statue Winged Nike of Samothrace. Originally, the statue represented the prow of a ship descending from the skies as part of the Magalon Theon, a Samothrace temple dedicated to the Gods. It now resides in the Louvre. Nike personifies strength, speed, and triumph. Those are some good things to have..

Friday, September 12, 2008