Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Nike, give me strength.."

Nike is known as the goddess of victory in Greek Mythology. In the Titan War between the gods she was the divine charioteer. This little sketch here I did is after the statue Winged Nike of Samothrace. Originally, the statue represented the prow of a ship descending from the skies as part of the Magalon Theon, a Samothrace temple dedicated to the Gods. It now resides in the Louvre. Nike personifies strength, speed, and triumph. Those are some good things to have..


Aaron said...


justfrancesca said...

That's really ancient-looking. It looks like a DaVinci sketch!

rymit said...

i just saw it in person like a week ago!

P.S. My word verification was lobedo??? I thought it was funny.